Working with our team

One aspect that truly sets us apart is our team of dedicated professionals who will work collaboratively with you to deliver a tailored plan for your unique solution. Our management team is supported by a team of highly experienced and qualified practitioners.

Renae Tate

Renae Tate

Chief Executive Officer
Renae is an experienced NDIS approved Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner and is passionate about removing negative patterns, behaviours, emotions and trauma in children, teenagers and adults that cause challenging behaviours and stop people from reaching their full potential.
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Specialised in supporting individual’s and their families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental delays and ADHD, Renae’s helped hundreds of families overcome challenges and achieve their goals towards living their best life.

Renae has also worked with individuals around Australia, US, UK and Canada to overcome a range of issues including anxiety, depression, anger, addictions, PTSD, emotional disorders and mood disorders.

Renae’s qualifications include, Proficient Behaviour Support Practitioner, BA Communications, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Behavioural Support, Certificate in Engaging in Positive Behaviour Support, Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner and completing post graduate studies in Psychology.

Zandri Byleveldt - Portfolio Leader Occupation Therapy

Zandri Byleveldt

National Occupation Therapy /Speech Manager

Zandri Byleveldt, an Occupational Therapist brings over 7 years of expertise to her practice. Born and raised in South Africa, Zandri is a certified Occupational Therapist and holds an Honors Degree in Occupational Therapy from The University of Pretoria.

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Her commitment to fostering functional independence and improving the quality of life is evident in her holistic, individualised, strength-based, person-centred approach.

Zandri previously worked as an OT in schools, homes, and in private practice, and has also worked with adults in acute psychiatry and rehabilitation settings. Zandri has seamlessly collaborated in interdisciplinary teams, ensuring holistic therapy for clients. 

With a rich international background, including roles in Australia, South Africa, and Vietnam, she has excelled in paediatric care, learning support, inclusive education and across care in the mental health space. Zandri, a previous SENIA (Special Educational Needs Inclusion Association) board member, is recognized for her advocacy, winning the SENIA World Changer Award in 2021.

Her diverse skill set encompasses clinical expertise, leadership, and a passion for promoting neurodiversity and occupational therapy. Additional training includes, brain imbalances, autism, sensory processing disorders, ADHD, and other learning difficulties (dyspraxia, CDC, dysgraphia, etc), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and yoga, along with the treatment and management of upper limb and brain conditions. Zandri is also a certified Transformational Coach.

For a participant to walk away with choice and control, autonomy, independence, and a toolbox full of strategies to support in all settings (home, school, and community) is what Zandri aims for when working with a participant and their family.

Caren Roos - Portfolio Leader Positive Behaviour Support

Caren Roos

Complex Case Manager

Caren is a seasoned Behaviour Support Specialist with over 30 years of experience in making a significant difference in the lives of individuals, particularly those with complex challenges.

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Caren’s extensive qualifications in psychology, counselling, educational kinesiology, and special education needs teaching, combined with decades of experience, make her exceptionally skilled in supporting NDIS participants. Caren is valued not just for her professional expertise, but also for her genuine care and commitment to those she works with.

Her ability to connect with and support NDIS participants in navigating complex challenges is a testament to her dedication and skill. Her ongoing pursuit of professional development and her advocacy for inclusive practices are integral to her role as a trusted and compassionate leader in behaviour support.

Caren’s approach is deeply collaborative, involving families, caregivers, and other professionals to ensure a holistic and impactful change in her clients’ lives. As Portfolio Leader Caren’s dedication and 30 years’ experience in the field ensures the PBS team achieve the best results for their clients.

Karen Lograsso

Karen Lograsso

National Psychology Manager

Karen is a registered psychologist and Board-approved supervisor with extensive experience in mental health and disabilities. Over the past 15 years Karen’s career has spanned across multiple roles and settings. 

Her expertise has been honed through experience in assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and intervention strategies for individuals with diverse needs.

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This expertise has been applied across various settings, including private practice, community mental health services, and disability services.

Karen is dedicated to helping her clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. She has treated a wide range of mental health conditions, including anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, psychosis, and has worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Karen’s approach to therapy is collaborative and client-centered, believing that each person is unique and deserves an individualised treatment plan that addresses their specific needs and concerns. Karen emphasises the importance of partnership between psychologists, consumers, and other healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care within the NDIS framework.

Karen’s extensive experience in psychology training programs, including the 4+2, 5+1, and registrar programs, has equipped her with a deep understanding of the complexities of psychology training. She has delivered numerous training programs for psychologists and other mental health professionals, including delivering AHPPA Board-approved training programs for psychologists seeking to develop enhance their skills in supervision. Her expertise in evidence-based supervision practices and competency-based models ensures that her team is equipped with the most effective tools and strategies to deliver exceptional results.

At Transform Life, Karen is excited to bring her expertise and industry knowledge to drive growth and excellence in the Psychology Division, while also promoting staff wellness and clinical excellence throughout the company.

Stacey Thornhill - Positive Behaviour Support

Stacey Thornhill

National Positive Behaviour Support Manager

Stacey has experience lecturing in colleges teaching Health and Social care and Criminology. Stacey is passionate about working with children and adults to inspire and motivate them to achieve their goals in all areas of life.

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Stacey is highly motivated who takes pride in building a rapport with her clients as well building professional relationships with supports. As an experience Behaviour Support Practitioner, Stacey  is highly experienced in working alongside clients who have cognitive disorders such as Autism and ADHD.

Stacey believes in using a person-centered approach to see more effective results when helping clients achieve their NDIS and personal goals.

Stacey has completed her bachelor’s in criminology and professional Graduate Certificate in Education.

Leanne Dellit

Leanne Dellit

Chief Operating Officer

Leanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics major) and forged a career in finance over many years with HSBC and CBA before leaving to work in small business whilst raising her three children.

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Her experience spans managing and servicing both small and large scale businesses across multiple industry sectors which has been key to her success in finance and business.

Leanne oversees the organisation’s financial activities as well as operational functions within the organisation. Leanne has strong communication skills and her empathetic manner has been even further enhanced during her time as a counsellor with Lifeline.

Daniel Gray Business Development Manager at Transform Life

Daniel Gray

National Customer Success Manager

Daniel Gray is an experienced Business and Community service professional having spent over 14 years within Disability Employment Services, NDIS and Rehabilitation services, including case management through to leadership roles. Daniels professional studies have included Business, Leadership, Management, Disability and Mental Health.

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Daniel believes that developing a strong connection with his valued clients and like-minded organizations can be a strong driving force towards positive changes. His goals are to strive for positive change, whether that be within himself, his colleagues, businesses, or individuals with the view to overcoming any hurdle which may present itself, towards improving and maintaining a better quality of life.

Leading the Business Development Team, Daniel’s passion is to support the team to help as many individuals and families as possible to achieve their NDIS goals and transform their lives.