Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapy program focuses on improving your child’s speech and language skills…

Speech Therapy

Communication is the key to success in every aspect of life. Our Speech Therapy program focuses on improving your child’s speech and language skills, enabling them to express their thoughts, emotions, and needs effectively.

Benefits of Speech Therapy

Language Development: Speech Therapy nurtures language development, helping your child build a strong vocabulary, understand grammar, and express themselves fluently. This lays a solid foundation for academic success and enhances their ability to interact with peers and teachers.

Articulation and Pronunciation: Our speech therapists work diligently to correct speech sound errors, ensuring that your child can be understood by others. Clear and accurate speech boosts their confidence, encourages social interactions, and reduces frustration.

Social Communication Skills: Speech Therapy equips your child with effective strategies for engaging in conversations, understanding non-verbal cues, and interpreting social situations. These skills promote meaningful connections and foster friendships.

Fluency and Confidence: For children facing challenges with stuttering or fluency, Speech Therapy provides specialized techniques to improve their fluency and increase confidence in speaking. Your child will learn strategies to manage dysfluencies and embrace fluent communication.

Improved oral motor skills for eating

We support NDIS

How are these Services Funded?

Speech Therapy services can be funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), by Employment and Disability Services Providers, and privately.

How are these Assessments Funded?