Frequently asked questions

At Transform Life we are committed to providing practical support to clients and their families that may experience behaviours of concern. Our Practitioners are all NDIS Registered and adhere to the strictest clinical guidelines.

Yes, Transform Life is a registered NDIS provider.

Ages 3 to 65 years
Ages 3 – 7 y.o (early intervention)
Ages 7 – 12 y.o (children)
Ages 12 – 18 y.o (Teens)
Ages 19 – 65 (Adults)

Our mobile clinicians are approved by the NDIS and are Australia wide.

  • Early Intervention
  • Behaviour Support
  • Capacity Building (CB daily or CB relationships)
  • Improved Relationships
  • Specialist Behaviour Support (plan / training and implementation)

Yes, we can, although we first we need to understand the kind of support that you require and what funding you’ve been approved for to provide you with a quote

Transform Life will work within your existing NDIS allocation and are always respectful of offering the best value we can to help you get the best results

Yes, as part of our service we provide a comprehensive report at the end of the program. Please provide 2 weeks notice in advance of your NDIS review date

  • You may be eligible for NDIS funding if you are;
  • Permanently disabled or require early intervention to reduce the support you will need in the future
  • Under 65 years old 
  • Living in Australia
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident?


If you would like more information you can check the eligibility checklist here or to apply through the NDIS for funding, you can contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110 or alternatively complete an Access Request Form on the NDIS website:

Majority of our programs are fully funded by the NDIS with no out of pocket expenses for the participant

Majority of our services are delivered on-line where the person is in a familiar environment. Some OT services require in-person coaching which is delivered in the persons home

Transform Life has a team of dedicated, fully qualified coaches which means majority of our programs have NO WAIT TIMES

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a rapidly growing approach to help transform the lives of participants who present behaviours of concern to themselves and others. These behaviours may include hurting one’s self, hurting other people, or being in crisis.
Through helping improve the quality of life for the person, creating the right environment and positive ways to communicate and meet their needs, PBS helps reduce behaviours of concern while replacing behaviours with more positive behaviours and outcomes for the individual and their family. This can in turn help reduce restrictions on them and significantly improve their quality of life.

Yes, we provide a comprehensive report for NDIS at no extra charge. The report typically includes:
Baseline assessment at start, goals worked upon during the program, progress made in 90 days and future ongoing recommendations.

This largely depends on what area we are addressing, and also the effort that you put into the training that you receive. It is also important to realise that your participation and commitment to our programs is a key driver to a successful outcome.