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Brock Overcomes His Fear of Communicating for the First Time in 7 Years

(please note all names have been changed to protect privacy).


This case study follows the remarkable transformation of Brock, a 16-year-old diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and selective mutism. It documents his journey from being unable to communicate with anyone outside his family for 7 years to gaining newfound confidence and achieving significant milestones through the support of Transform Life. ( please note all names have been changed to protect privacy).

Participant Information: Name: Brock, Age: 16 years, Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and selective mutism, Background: Brock had not spoken to adults or strangers outside his family for 7 years, leading to limited social interactions and self-esteem challenges.


Before seeking help from Transform Life, Brock faced significant difficulties in communication due to his ASD and selective mutism. His mother, Trista, was growing increasingly concerned about his inability to express himself and interact with others outside the family. The lack of progress had left her uncertain about finding a solution to help Brock find his voice again.

Neurodiversity Affirming Approach:

Transform Life adopted a neurodiversity affirming approach that recognized and celebrated Brock’s unique abilities and challenges as an individual with ASD and selective mutism. The team aimed to create a supportive and understanding environment that would foster Brock’s development at his own pace.

Proactive Strategies Implemented:

Transform Life implemented a positive behavior support (PBS) program, using the latest behavioral therapy techniques to help Brock overcome his communication barriers. The proactive strategies included:


Within just 3 months of starting the behavioral therapy and PBS program, significant breakthroughs were observed in Brock’s communication abilities. For the first time in 7 years, he started speaking to people outside his family, a life-changing achievement. As the therapy continued, working closely with his Positive Behavior Support Coach, Brock’s success and personal growth continued to soar.

Brock’s newfound confidence in communication led to a cascade of positive changes in his life. At 16, he was able to communicate effectively with peers and adults, enabling him to make new friends and embrace new opportunities. Some of the notable achievements he accomplished included:


Brock’s journey from overcoming his fear of communicating to achieving personal and academic successes stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the neurodiversity affirming approach and proactive behavioral strategies implemented by Transform Life. With the unwavering support of his Positive Behavior Support Coach and the realization of his own capabilities, Brock has developed the confidence and determination to overcome life’s challenges. Through setting clear goals and receiving ongoing support, he now proudly embraces a life he never thought possible before.


Transform Life is an Australian owned provider specialising in evidence based therapeutic support including Positive Behaviour Support, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Speech Therapy and Behavioural Interventions helping transform lives and families across Australia.

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