Positive Behavior Support and Neurodiversity Affirming Approach for School Refusal

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PBS and Neurodiversity Affirming Approach for School Refusal and Challenging Behaviours

(please note all names have been changed to protect privacy).


This case study examines the transformative journey of Calesha, a high school
student facing significant challenges in both her academic and personal life. By
utilising a neurodiversity affirming approach and implementing proactive strategies,
her life took a positive turn, leading to notable improvements in her emotional
regulation, relationships, and academic achievements. ( please note all names have
been changed to protect privacy).

Participant Information: Name: Calesha, Age: High school student (exact age not provided), Background: Facing academic failure, disciplinary issues, and disconnected relationships at home.


Calesha’s first year of high school was marked by academic struggles, with failing grades in most subjects. Her behaviour at school led to two suspensions due to
physical aggression towards fellow students. Additionally, she experienced challenges and conflicts with both her mother and father at home, resulting in a disconnected relationship with her mother and ongoing issues with her father.

Neurodiversity Affirming Approach:

The Transform Life programme adopted a neurodiversity affirming approach to address Calesha’s difficulties. This approach recognises and respects the diverse ways individuals’ brains function and process information. Instead of focusing on
deficits, it emphasises understanding and supporting unique neurological profiles.

Proactive Strategies Implemented:


Within a span of less than six months, Calesha’s life underwent a remarkable
transformation. The implementation of proactive strategies resulted in the following outcomes:


Calesha’s journey exemplifies the power of a neurodiversity affirming approach and positive behaviour support in transforming the life of a struggling high school student. With personalised coaching and support, she overcame academic failure,
behavioural challenges, and disconnected relationships. Calesha’s newfound self-
belief and positive outlook on life have set her on a path towards achieving her
dreams and unlocking her full potential.


Transform Life is an Australian owned provider specialising in evidence based therapeutic support including Positive Behaviour Support, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Speech Therapy and Behavioural Interventions helping transform lives and families across Australia.

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