Is your child struggling with the challenges of Autism?

Autism does not need to define your child’s future.

Are you constantly worried about them and how to help them overcome these challenges?

At Transform Life, our Practitioners have helped hundreds of children and families overcome these challenges. Let our Practitioners help your child to have:

With early intervention, some children with autism make so much progress that they are no longer on the autism spectrum when they are older. Many of the children who later go off the spectrum have some things in common: Diagnosis and treatment at younger ages.19 Apr 2021

With Early Intervention, timing is important; If you’re stuck on a waiting list, or tired of moving from therapist to therapist – don’t wait any longer.

The evidence reinforces the important role of parents. There is evidence that both parent-led (also called caregiver-mediated intervention) and peer-led interventions have a positive effect on children and their families. The outcomes when parents were involved in the intervention were sometimes greater than interventions delivered by clinical practitioners or educators alone.

At Transform Life our programs have helped hundreds of children and families:

No waiting lists for our NDIS funded programs.

We are here to help your child and family start to thrive again by implementing the latest evidence-based therapies and support from your personal Therapy Coach along the way.

…most importantly, we’ll help your child have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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“My son is 7 and has autism. Since working with Renae we have been amazed by his progress,
particularly regarding his increased level of independence. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months holds.”
In just a few weeks I’ve had major breakthroughs...
In just a few weeks I’ve had major breakthroughs…Alicia (mother of Josh)

“Ella has been an invaluable part of our Autism therapy team for over two years. She is reliable and
dedicated and has become a part of the whole family. Ella is flexible and tailors therapy specifically to
our needs. Amongst many interventions, our son requires a very specific type of speech therapy and
Ella has undertaken this alongside our speech therapist. Without sounding trite – Ella changed our
In just a few weeks I’ve had major breakthroughs...
In just a few weeks I’ve had major breakthroughs…Natalia, Sydney

No waiting lists for NDIS funded supports.

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“The best decision I have ever made for myself and my family – ever!” Aaron, Port Macquarie.

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Ella Bailey

Ella Bailey – NDIS
Approved Positive
Behaviour Support

Specialises in the challenges of Austism Spectrum Disorders, challenging behaviours, emotional regulation, sensory, anxiety and PDA.

Renae Tate

Renae Tate – NDIS
Approved Positive
Behaviour Support

Specialises in Autism Spectrum Disorders for children, teens and adults, behavioural therapy,
anxiety, emotional regulation, trauma, depression and schooling.

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