Transform PLUS 10 Week Programs

Is your child struggling with the challenges of Autism, ADHD or Developmental Delays?

Do you feel like you’re constantly worried and not sure how to help…

Transform PLUS 10 Week Programs are designed to help your child or teenager reach their full potential in all areas of the life!

Transform PLUS for Children:  Ages 3 - 12

Designed to give your child access to the best in Early Intervention including Occupational, Speech and Behaviour Support Therapies. Our specialised coaches will help you feel empowered to transform behaviours, overcome speech and sensory challenges and address developmental delays to help your child thrive and reach their full potential.

PLUS you’ll also get the benefits of Specialised Educational Coaching to bridge learning delays to
increase your child’s confidence and success.

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Transform PLUS for Teens

Specifically developed for teens, this program combines behavioural coaching with the support of Speech, OT and Mindset with Specialised Educational Coaching to help your child transform behaviours at home and school, while also bridging the gap in learning delays to increase confidence and success.

These programs are also design to help overcome anxiety and depression, increase confidence, develop positive self-esteem and set your teen up for success now and for the future.

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What do the Transform PLUS Programs include?

No waiting lists for our NDIS funded programs.

We are here to help your child and family start to thrive again by implementing the latest evidence-based therapies and support from your personal Therapy Coach along the way.

……most importantly we’ll help your child have the opportunity to reach their full potential

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No Waiting Lists for NDIS Funded Programs – Get Started Today

No waiting lists for NDIS funded supports.

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